Thursday, June 12, 2014

Nice Review

Mattie here. Can't help bragging a bit about my creator, Mary Berger, and the outstanding review "The Message" received. 

One Sunday morning I watched her pick up the newspaper and glance casually at the Arts section. Well I had already seen the review (I have my ways), so I knew it was there, waiting for her to spot it. In fact, it was almost impossible for me to sit still while she thumbed through the rest of the newspaper. I practically had to whack her with the palm of my hand in order to get her to see it. (She's kinda slow sometimes.)

Finally, the article caught her eye. "Hey!" she squealed loud enough for folks in the next town to hear, "My book! Here's the review I've been waiting for." Now we both knew that a review was in the works but simply didn't know when it would appear.

So there it was—"The Message" cover popping in full color along with a nice color photo of Mary. The reporter couldn't have done a better job She stressed that Mary's philosophy is simple: Sometimes people just want a humorous, light read. And that's where Mary's books about yours truly—cough, cough—are just the ticket.

I can't imagine what sort of humor she'll be cooking up next.