Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Message: Newest Mattie Caper

I'm back! While my creator, Mary Berger, is pounding out further adventures about yours truly, I have to tell you about this latest caper she has me—and Clare—involved in. In The Message, we're volunteering at a local thrift shop. I'm minding my own business (don't I always?) when I discover a laptop that someone has dropped off. Well, when I tap a few keys, this oddball message flashes across the screen. Not being the nosy type—cough, cough—I give in to my curiosity. Before long, my computer-whiz nephew Scotty is involved, and that's when the fun begins. Would you believe I actually want to contact this online creep myself? Trouble is, I know very little about computers, or the Internet, or chat rooms. And Clare knows even less.

You'll have to read for yourself how we go about making connections in this wild tale of wacky shenanigans and culprit-manipulation. There's even a bit of a romantic surprise for Clare that her fans won't want to miss. (Clare, stop fanning yourself; they get the picture.)

So curl up with The Message and let's spend some time together.


Friday, June 21, 2013

What's Your Trademark?

Author Mary Berger checking in. (I sent Mattie to do some weeding. She rarely lets me near this site, as if it belongs to her, so I'll have to hurry and post this note before she returns.)

I have to tell you about an author reading I recently attended. The speaker was a young man who happened to be wearing colorful striped Superman socks. They seemed to fit the light mood he was creating with his book on pet humor. I overheard a voice in the audience whisper, "The socks are his trademark." Very clever, I thought. I had heard of authors who wear a different flower in their hair for each speaking engagement. Or sport a wild necktie.

It got me thinking about creating a trademark of my own. One day I let my niece paint my fingernails however she wanted. She painted each nail a different color. Then she said I should surprise my audience at each book signing with a different wild nail color. Now that's not a bad idea. Maybe at my next reading I'll try Hot Sizzling Spice. Or Shady Shamrock. Or possibly Very Vixen Violet. What do you think? Have you created your own trademark? Feel like sharing? Maybe we can exchange ideas.

Gotta go. Mattie's coming. I'll sneak back again soon.

Mary A. Berger
Author, The Mattie Mitchell Humor/Cozy Mysteries
(The Message is currently out to publishers)

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Essay Winner


Contest Winner  Mary A. Berger Is Named A Finalist In HumorPress.com's "America's Funniest Humor!" Writing Contest

Mary A. Berger, a writer from Hendersonville, NC, was named a Finalist in the 4th Quarter 2012 "America's Funniest Humor!"(TM) Writing Contest held by HumorPress.com, one of the Internet's highest-ranking humor contest sites.
For her accomplishment, Berger has earned publication in HumorPress.com's online humor showcase. Her entry, "Confessions of a Cross-Stitcher," describes how the hobby of cross-stitching can overtake our sensible side and lead to embarrassment and frustration.

"Confessions of a Cross-Stitcher" will be featured in the main showcase until new results are posted after completion of the current contest, which is accepting entries through March 31, 2013.

Other recent publishing recognition earned by Berger include Yesterday's Magazette, Working Writer, Not Your Mother's Book Anthology, and Long Story Short.

HumorPress.com's bi-monthly writing contests provide great opportunities for writers who specialize in humor, and for those with real-life humorous anecdotes to share. 

# # # 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

More News about Mary

I have another bit of news about my pal. No, I'm not talking about Clare; she's up to no good with her own situation. (Her latest "fling" appears in full detail in the third upcoming Mattie Mitchell Mystery titled, The Message. You won't want to miss it!) The pal I'm referring to is my creator, Mary Berger. Mary's not one to sit around bored when she's not dreaming up another "event" for me to poke my nose into. In fact, Mary's had two more articles published. One appears in the online writing publication, Working Writer. When she wasn't looking, I took the liberty of sneaking a peak. She calls the article, 
"Hooray for Author Day." The piece is about her experience at a local library that hosts authors. By the way, Working Writer is a good online spot with informative articles for new and not so new writers. You can check them out at: workingwriters@aol.com

Another good place for writers is Writers Magazettes, where another of Mary's articles appears, plus her interview for the Q & A section. You can find them at their current site: http://www.magazettes.com/writers/  and click on Current Issues in the navigation bar.

That's all for now. I'm still trying to tackle this bad boy who's involved in online dating scams. It seems each time I turn around there's another obstacle in my way. But, have no fear, I am going to get this guy if it takes me a whole book to do it!

Have at least one good laugh today.