Meet the Instigator

I seem to be the "go-to" girl for Mary A. Berger whenever a new mystery needs to be solved. We met a few years back and, once she discovered my talent for sleuthing, she keeps coming back to me whenever a new adventure crops up. She's the one responsible for documenting all the craziness that recently happened to me in her book, The Trouble with Mattie, available from these mighty fine, online retailers.

And in spite of her interrupting my routine with all kinds of wild ideas, I have to admit she is my type of gal. She likes being busy, whether at the computer, out gallivanting (you go girl!), or getting her hands dirty making pottery. Using her own potter's wheel and kiln, she has even created small figures called "Lil' Ole Gals' with some of them depicting yours truly. I keep asking her for some photos I can post on the site, so y'all can see her handiwork, but she keeps dragging her feet. Guess I'll just have to keep on her.

She also has a wicked sense of humor, loves to make people laugh, and be surrounded by folks who can crack her up. Being an "eyes" person, it delights me to no end when I see her baby blues twinkle when she can make people laugh by poking fun of herself.

As our friendship has grown, it never ceases to amaze me how much we have in common. For instance, she loves to travel, especially anyplace with a beach where she can collect unusual shells that she often uses in her clay decorating. We both like taking walks and exercising, but I must say my sweatsuits and tennies are cuter. But best of all, the woman loves to eat out, and she's not picky about a menu. From fish to BBQ ribs, any veggie or mashed potatoes, she'll give 'em a go. And don't even get me started on her love of chocolate! Oh, I can't forget: Mary frequently enjoys her wine at the end of the day, with White Zinfandel and Peis Porter among her favorites.  

Overall, I see Mary as 'playing nice', finishing what she starts, and trying to make the most of whatever gifts God has given her. I just pray I have the patience and stamina to keep up with her.  If you want to get in touch with Mary, just shoot her an email.

Oh, and hot news:  Her latest book is now available.  A Trip to the Water's Edge gives the inside scoop on the latest adventures Clare and I have been involved with, including witnessing a murder!