Sunday, April 17, 2011

Crazy is, as crazy does

Go here to find out how my adventure began.

Boy, what a hectic couple of weeks it’s been. Between Eva acting up (again, still, probably forever), running over to Autumn Leaves to lend a hand with their new pottery classes (nothing like getting your hands dirty to forget your troubles), and trying to clean up the yard from some nasty storms that blew through here, well, there has just been no time to do much else.

But now things have calmed down a mite, and I can try to share some more details about the weird goings-on that Clare and I were involved in that I mentioned in my last post.

As if witnessing a potential murder wasn’t enough excitement for a day, my cute little Ford Fusion decided not to start when Clare and I got back from the waterfall, where we saw Mr. Monkey Tattoo shove another guy off a cliff.

Being out in the middle of nowhere and out of cell phone range, there wasn’t a prayer we would ever find someone to help us out. But that’s when my guardian angel came a callin’ (hope she doesn’t have any other clients, ‘cause I certainly keep her busy 24/7).

Seemingly out of nowhere, a woman by the name of Josie came walking down from the trail. Turns out, she lived nearby and offered the services of her son, Gerald, to help fix the car. Apparently Gerald wasn’t a trained mechanic, but at that point beggars couldn’t be choosers.

While Josie sent her two younger sons off in search of Gerald, she invited us to her house to await his return. To make a long story short, it took a couple of hours for Gerald to make an appearance, which brought us to having dinner with Josie and her family. After the meal, Gerald got my car running again (some stupid wire came unplugged, which I probably should have looked for had I thought to pop the hood – guess the murder unhinged me more than I thought).

Unfortunately, as so often happens here in the mountains, a dense fog had rolled in and there was no way on God’s green earth I was going to be able to navigate down those twisty, mountain roads for home. Josie graciously offered to have us spend the night in her guest room. Picture it: me, Clare, twin bed. Kinda’ scary, huh?

We were finally able to hit the road early the next morning and, once in cell phone range, I called the local police to tell them what we witnessed and made a call to Jed to fill him in on our exploits. Clare was right, he wasn’t too thrilled to hear what had been going on, but, bless his heart, his major concern was if Clare and I were okay.

I also made a call to Mary Berger, the one who got me into this mess, and related our story to her. And can you believe it? She's having me write everything down, so she can write a new book. Geez, oh man, will that woman ever give me a break?

Get a hold of my initial adventure, The Trouble with Mattie, at these fine retailers.

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