Monday, June 18, 2012

Mattie's Still Going Strong

Hi all you Mattie followers. Hope you didn't think I'd just up and disappeared off the face of our planet. I haven't, I can assure you. I've only been doing some serious thinking about the next situation my slave-driver creator, Mary, has gotten me into. What will that woman think of next?

If you'd like a little teaser, here's one for you: Mary has Clare and me working in a local thrift shop, of all places. People drop in, people drop out—all bringing items in for our inventory, or purchasing items to take home. That is, until one mysterious gal, and I do mean mysterious, comes by the shop looking for a computer she dropped off. Now she wants the darned thing back. Her suspicious actions are all it takes to get my curiosity flying off the Richter scale
. . .

I'd better stop right now before I give away the whole plot. Keep reading here for future updates of my (and Clare's) antics. Mary informs me that the whole story should be in print before long. Stay tuned! 

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