Thursday, January 10, 2013

More News about Mary

I have another bit of news about my pal. No, I'm not talking about Clare; she's up to no good with her own situation. (Her latest "fling" appears in full detail in the third upcoming Mattie Mitchell Mystery titled, The Message. You won't want to miss it!) The pal I'm referring to is my creator, Mary Berger. Mary's not one to sit around bored when she's not dreaming up another "event" for me to poke my nose into. In fact, Mary's had two more articles published. One appears in the online writing publication, Working Writer. When she wasn't looking, I took the liberty of sneaking a peak. She calls the article, 
"Hooray for Author Day." The piece is about her experience at a local library that hosts authors. By the way, Working Writer is a good online spot with informative articles for new and not so new writers. You can check them out at:

Another good place for writers is Writers Magazettes, where another of Mary's articles appears, plus her interview for the Q & A section. You can find them at their current site:  and click on Current Issues in the navigation bar.

That's all for now. I'm still trying to tackle this bad boy who's involved in online dating scams. It seems each time I turn around there's another obstacle in my way. But, have no fear, I am going to get this guy if it takes me a whole book to do it!

Have at least one good laugh today.


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  1. Oh, those bad boys. :) Isn't it strange how our characters seem to have wills of their own?