Monday, September 29, 2014

Good Spot for Indie Writers

Author Mary here. 

Want to discuss good—or not so good—markets for generating publicity for your indie book?

That's one of the topics I've found, along with some great discussions with writer-to-writer feedback, on the LinkedIn: Indie Authors site. There's always a new question or topic popping up. Once you've joined the LinkedIn site at, feel free to interact.

A recent discussion involved the issue of someone's book cover. That person was seeking comments, positive or negative, about the appearance and quality of his cover. He received terrific feedback, thanks to the responses and expertise of other writers.

Another author asked for help in finding links to website designers. She received a ton of feedback, including a few sites that were dependable and others, not so much.

The bottom line is whether you're a newbie indie writer or a more experienced author, your questions and advice on the indie writers site are always welcome. No bullies there!

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