Thursday, January 22, 2015

Not to Brag About My Creator but . . .

Mattie here, folks -

I'm not one to brag, as some of you may have noticed from Mary A. Berger's previous tales about my experiences, but there is some great news regarding Mary's writing endeavors. 

After entering the NABE Pinnacle Awards competition last fall, Mary's name showed up as a winner in her book's category: Fiction—in Mary's case, humorous mystery. She received the rating of "best" in the Pinnacle Awards Achievement competition for her story, "The Message." Again, not to brag, but the story centers around yours truly and my faithful pal, Clare. We poke our noses into an online dating site where a predator recklessly talks lonely women into parting with their money for noble purposes—his. Things get pretty sticky when I make a bold move to contact this man. But I have to try to get the creep onto my turf. Stick around to see what happens next, including a few surprises along the way.

I thought I'd fill you in on this award news because I can almost guarantee you won't hear it from Mary, herself.

See you in Mary's next story, "Gossiptown," where someone finds a body in Holy Redeemer's baptizing tub and the gossip begins.

Mattie Mitchell

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