Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Don't Kiss Your Chickens

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Guess who has come to hang out with me while Jed is out of town? Yup, none other than my buddy Clare! It's almost like being back in school again knowing there's going to be a pajama party every night.

And while Jed was all for the idea of Clare and me being part-time housemates, he seemed less than convinced that we would manage to stay out of trouble. Haven't a clue why he would feel that way, LOL! I did my best to assure him we would be as good as gold and spend our time doing girl stuff -- shopping, eating out, taking walks, that kind of thing. I'm was actually hoping to enlist Clare to help me get the garden ready for planting, but the blasted weather here won't cooperate. One day it's a balmy 70 degrees, the next day we get a cold blast. Of course, she would would probably just sag at the idea of turning over beds anyway, so maybe it's for the best.

Well, need to run out and pick up some supplies before her arrival. I think a Harvey Wallbanger or two might be in order to celebrate. They'll also give me the opportunity to bust her butt about the
last time we got tipsy drinking them. "Don't kiss your chickens," indeed.

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1 comment:

  1. Matts, this is Clare. Now what makes you think I'd even consider turning over flower beds in a flower garden! Do I look like the type of gal who's into digging in the dirt??? The only thing I'd like to dig into right now is some of my "special" orange juice. I'll have some ready for you, too.
    See ya' later!