Monday, September 12, 2011

Hot Off the Press: A Trip to the Water's Edge

Even though Clare spilled the beans about Mary's new book, I'm here to tell you that it's official -- A Trip to the Water's Edge has been published!

Now you can read about all the adventures Clare and I have been involved in, including that murder I mentioned in this earlier post, Clare's surprising turn with doing aerobics, our joint attempt to "cook from a real recipe," and so much more.

So don't delay, order your paperback or Kindle version today from You'll be glad you did.


  1. Hi, the book looks good. I found you on book blogs, and I am now following you. Is the book available on B&N or smashwords?
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  2. Hello:

    New follower.


  3. I loved reading A Trip to the Water’s Edge! With Mattie and Clare always into mischief, you never know what’s waiting for them on the next page. Even through all the antics, Mattie finds a way to stay a heroine and help those in need. With the vivid descriptions and colorful narrations I felt like I was right there with the gal’s in their escapades and adventures. This is a great, fun read and I highly recommend the book. Thank you once again Ms. Berger, can’t wait for #3. Sandy