Friday, June 21, 2013

What's Your Trademark?

Author Mary Berger checking in. (I sent Mattie to do some weeding. She rarely lets me near this site, as if it belongs to her, so I'll have to hurry and post this note before she returns.)

I have to tell you about an author reading I recently attended. The speaker was a young man who happened to be wearing colorful striped Superman socks. They seemed to fit the light mood he was creating with his book on pet humor. I overheard a voice in the audience whisper, "The socks are his trademark." Very clever, I thought. I had heard of authors who wear a different flower in their hair for each speaking engagement. Or sport a wild necktie.

It got me thinking about creating a trademark of my own. One day I let my niece paint my fingernails however she wanted. She painted each nail a different color. Then she said I should surprise my audience at each book signing with a different wild nail color. Now that's not a bad idea. Maybe at my next reading I'll try Hot Sizzling Spice. Or Shady Shamrock. Or possibly Very Vixen Violet. What do you think? Have you created your own trademark? Feel like sharing? Maybe we can exchange ideas.

Gotta go. Mattie's coming. I'll sneak back again soon.

Mary A. Berger
Author, The Mattie Mitchell Humor/Cozy Mysteries
(The Message is currently out to publishers)

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