Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Message: Newest Mattie Caper

I'm back! While my creator, Mary Berger, is pounding out further adventures about yours truly, I have to tell you about this latest caper she has me—and Clare—involved in. In The Message, we're volunteering at a local thrift shop. I'm minding my own business (don't I always?) when I discover a laptop that someone has dropped off. Well, when I tap a few keys, this oddball message flashes across the screen. Not being the nosy type—cough, cough—I give in to my curiosity. Before long, my computer-whiz nephew Scotty is involved, and that's when the fun begins. Would you believe I actually want to contact this online creep myself? Trouble is, I know very little about computers, or the Internet, or chat rooms. And Clare knows even less.

You'll have to read for yourself how we go about making connections in this wild tale of wacky shenanigans and culprit-manipulation. There's even a bit of a romantic surprise for Clare that her fans won't want to miss. (Clare, stop fanning yourself; they get the picture.)

So curl up with The Message and let's spend some time together.


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  1. Hi Mattie, nice to see you again. Your latest caper sounds quite adventurous. Can't wait to see what mischief you Clare get into!